Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Sunday part deux

I ended up being invited along to a choir at Saverdun with them. Before taking off for the evening R and I got invited to a neighbour’s house just round the corner. We inspected their garden which was unexpectedly large, with a big, blooming wisteria bush making a covered area at the side of the house. I had never seen wisteria before, so, learning all the time.
We then went into their house to chat for ten minutes or so, and for me to inspect the youngest daughter’s English work book. She has begun learning English at 8 years old. The system is that they get a worksheet handed out, they complete the blanks etc then glue it into their exercise book.
It was strange to me because it was very American. What 8 year old kid in France needs to know about Mount Rushmore, and the American states for example????? Whatever happened to the good old system of "Brad is a boy, Angelina is a girl, Old Yeller is a dog"? Oh for the good old days.
J turned up to hustle R and I along and I whizzed home to change my shirt and dump my heavy bag before rejoining them for the trip.
R was at the wheel and we headed off into the early evening. I had not been to Saverdun, so it was good to be able to look at the scenery, instead of having to drive. R did a whizzy little manoeuvre to park and we walked to the Temple, where the event was to be held.
The doors were locked, no posters were on display. R put forward the proposition to his wife that perhaps she had got the date wrong….
We walked further into the town and found a bit of a crowd gathered outside another church. It turned out that there was a problem with the Temple roof and that the concert had had to find an alternate home.
I now discovered that two of my choir members were also singing with this choir. My choir director was also performing in a trio with 2 violins and himself on the viol cello. The second fiddle was an Australian woman.
The event was very well attended.

Uniform black with red accessories i.e red tie for men, red bangles, beads, necklaces for the women. Choir director -white suit.

As I got out of the car and headed up the road towards the house I could see that all was not well opposite my house….


  1. this American thinks you're a bit of a hater. Knowing about Mt. Rushmore is far superior to Elizabeth is a girl. She likes to wear hats and wave as she touches her pearls.

    so there. :P

  2. Not at all. It was just strange to find out that the children are being taught English using American materials. So you can put your tongue back in. I will have to check to see if colour is spelt color, and if gardens have become back yards. Someone told me that the head French teacher of the big school here is American, ex-military who disappears off on a boat for 2 months during the summer.
    Keep up the building work, don't start slacking now!


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