Thursday, 28 May 2009

That’s Show Business!

It has been a busy couple of weeks and I have found it increasingly difficult to motivate myself to write my blog. The warm weather seems to have begun, albeit with a blip that saw 5 minutes of weather chaos in Toulouse when giant hail stones and flooding struck. Car windscreens and lights were shattered and they are saying that it has created 2 years worth of work to sort out the damage and the insurance claims.
I have a new man in my life. This does not mean that I have decided to start batting for the other team. This is the head of the team of masons i.e. him and hyperactive man, who will be demolishing my garden shed and rebuilding it as well as some other minor structural works. He is keen on motorbikes and is therefore a motard. I shall call him motard man from now on, or even mm to save typing time.
Together we have investigated the air ventilation system in my building. This has resulted in me buying 2 VMC units ( basically two boxes, each with a motor and fan unit inside, which acts like a vacuum cleaner sucking air up the tubes which run between them and the inside wall vents in the apartments.
Before these improvements, only my apartment was being successfully sucked, now, it is still just my apartment that is being sucked, but the suction is similar to that of a vacuum held against the palm of your hand.
I just don’t know why this super system won’t do the same for the other apartments.
MM also knocked / drilled into an inner wall in the stairwell outside my apartment to an astonishing depth with his mighty drill, before realising that the ventilation pipe to bee boy’s apartment did not drop down that way.
Choir practice has continued and we have had two practices which have been attended by the 4 soloists. Oh, dear! People not coming in at the right times, not singing in the right key, words fumbled…… and that’s just the soloists. More specifically the dark haired soprano who likes to wave her right arm about a bit in (her) time to the music, seems to be having a few problems.
We have still to sing just one of the parts which make up the piece through without pretty serious problems.
We have one practice left and I don’t think that the soloists are coming to that. There was a bit of trouble after the practice last night. When the first venue, a church, was booked we were assured that there was no other booking for the day, so we were scheduled to practice there in the afternoon of the performance, have a meal somewhere local, then at 9pm give our amazing performance.
The priest seemingly forgot that he has a wedding there in the afternoon, so now we are buggered. Perhaps a solution will be found before our last, Wednesday practice.
This morning cars were being mobilised to go to outlying villages and nearby towns to put up posters. Even as I write this, an email has come in showing one of the groups at work, so I will include it, with thanks to Florence S. for the photo.
Don't forget to look at the mini poster for the performances. This will enable you all to book flights and accommodation for at least one of our gigs. Don’t forget to pack a cushion though as the piece lasts about one and a half hours.
Look forward to seeing you all there…..

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