Sunday, 17 May 2009

Pilgrim’s progress

It’s been a busy week! So busy, that I find it hard to remember what I have done or who I have seen. Hopefully it will all come back to me as I type. I will spread it out over several days so as not to overtax any readers that I may have left.
I found it difficult to get back into the French language even after only 6 days away.
Of course the day after my return, I had an appointment with my Instep advisor, who always gives me a hard time about the standard of my French.
As usual I was kept waiting for about 25 minutes while she finished off the previous appointment.
I explained my travels from CCI to URSSAF to ANPE and that I had then been on holiday.
So it was my shortest meeting yet. Probably lasting about 20 minutes.
I have to go to my bank to find out how to become someone who can get paid by the cheques service employ system. I have to go to a company that runs a homework help, extra tuition, etc service. Lord knows what I have to talk to them about. My councillor was a bit vague. Sigh!
I have to phone or go and see the medical / hospital centre that I wrote a speculative letter to about giving their staff English lessons. Difficult as my French teacher wouldn’t give me a specific name or title to send it to.
Then next time she is going to try and arrange an appointment for me with another organisation which helps people to set up businesses. I think that the man she wants me to see is on holiday. This will also involve a trip to the next town.
My grass needed cutting so I got my tondeuse out and began. Three strips later it stopped cutting. I think the belt is no longer working, so I have found one on ebay and ordered it from the UK. There, even I fooled myself. The hard part will be trying to dismantle the mower to fit the new belt. I can see part of the old belt, but I can’t see how to get to it. I cannot find the mower instructions, and an internet search has not yielded any results.
Bee-boy has been absent most days and nights. Madame tells me that he is making honey. I don’t think it’s a euphemism, although there seems to be a Bee-girl hovering about him these last few weeks. Yes it is time for him to make the year’s first batch of honey.
Madame’s latest hobby of furniture painting continues apace. She now has an light blue dresser next to her orange/beige bottom half of a dresser. I know this because I was drafted in to help some of her friends to lift the (very heavy blue top onto the blue bottom), She explained that it was heavy because it is real wood.
Two days later one of her friends arrived with a large selection of paints to begin the decoration process. I enquired yesterday if the dresser was now finished and was told Presque (nearly) and that I would have to come and see it.
No wonder I could hardly sleep for excitement last night!

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