Thursday, 7 May 2009

A morning at the races

The target

I had trouble dragging myself out of bed this morning, but I had research to do. The previous Saturday and Sunday, we had had the big brocante sale. What a waste of time and space that was. The weather was not good, but on the Saturday afternoon when I did my research, it had stopped raining. There were only about 15 stalls in the square, and I think that most of them were having a laugh. The stuff that they were hoping to shift was just rubbish. The few items of furniture on show, were overpriced rubbish. RUBBISH!
It was not even worth taking one photo of the event. It was in fact, a minus event.
Back to today and by the time I rolled into town, I had missed the start of all the different categories of race. This was the event’s 20th year. As I neared the big radio lorry parked in the square, next to the Finish line, they were handing out the trophies for the various childrens’ races.

"Wot is going on? What does it all mean?"
There was a crowd of spectators on the other side of the track

Of course everyone got two bises, whether they wanted them or not.

This man decided to give a speech

The winner. .

Next was the raffle. They had lots of prizes to give away, and the gifts ranged from canvas brief cases and games to a boy’s bike and a girl’s bike.
Finally the first of the male runners arrived, but I am not sure that the man that arrived first was counted as participating, I think that he was a seasoned marathon runner and may have just been the pace setter.
I set off to get a photo from further away, looking back to the finish line. Suddenly I spotted movement. A figure in a black anorak (It was very hot), detached himself from one of the benches, and yes, it was hyperactive man and some of his children (just how many has he got?).
It turned out that Madame had not phoned him like she had said she would, to let him know that I had received permission for the replacement garden shed..
He explained his new theories about my building’s ventilation system, and how he would be coming round with the ventilation expert to see me, possibly today, possibly on Tuesday. I have heard this before, but you never know…
Fortunately his little boy, was being wound up by one of his daughters, so the explanations etc were shorter than usual.
Nope. Hyperactive man did not turn up.

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