Saturday, 23 May 2009

Dimanche part trois

First a visual test.
What is the difference between the two photos.

Exactly. One picture has snow, a fireman, people etc and the other doesn't. But there is another major difference

Following on from January's crash which demolished most of their wall, another part of the neighbour’s wall has gone, and there is a crashed car resting in their garden. The wall had not even been repaired yet. These things take time over here.
This is a wider view of the scene and is what I saw as I left R and J’s car and walked towards my house.

The very same firemen that I had seen earlier in the morning were now outside my house.
The light was now starting to fade and I watched as someone was loaded into the ambulance on a stretcher, wrapped in a space blanket. I later learned that the accident had happened about an hour and a half before my return home, and that it had been Madame that had called the ambulance. There was a lorry involved which had been travelling at speed round the bend. I don’t know if it hit the car, the driver side door was bucked right in, but the lorry did not stop.
Perhaps now the Mairie will do something to reduce the danger on this stretch of road, and switch from promises to action. There are at least 2 children who live in the house which has become such an accident black spot. Fortunately they have a big garden to play in at the other side of the house.
It started to pour with rain and all the police and firemen huddled under the eaves of the house. Eventually a low loader truck appeared and the car was manhandled to the house entrance gates, winched on board, then everyone disappeared into the night.

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