Sunday, 22 February 2009

Rude Stairs

The bottom two steps of the main staircase in the house have been a bit on the loose side, and two of the boards on the first turning / landing is worryingly bouncy. As I do not really get on with DIY I have been avoiding tackling the problems. Bee-boy has been absent for quite a few days so it was with reluctance that I dragged the lawn mower and some other items out of the cupboard under the stairs so that I could squeeze through the gap at the back and into the understairs world. Using a broom handle, I knocked aside the years of cobwebs and armed with torch and camera I entered the unknown.

left: brick bits and wood left to (not)support the bottom step by the brilliant builders
Right: munched support and small pile of sawdust poo.

The findings were not encouraging, with one of the wooden side supports for the second step having been lunch for some wood munchers. The walls are not conducive to knocking in a few bits of wood as supports.
We met Madame as we were leaving he building and I have found out that her Tuesday celebration is not for some national event, but is a get together for some of her former work colleagues from her hospital auxiliary days, before a back injury invalided her out of the service.
I asked her if she had contacted her friend/cousin about dismantling the rickety outbuilding at the bottom of the garden, which seems likely to fall onto the cars parked in my parking area anytime from yesterday to a few years time. She reminded me that she reminded me that the downstairs of her duplex apartment is single glazed and said that her friend would be able to give me quotes for replacement double glazed units (these are the equivalent of two patio door units) as well as a quote to replace the glazing in the downstairs studio. He also would be able to replace the bottom stairs with bricks or recommend a carpenter or any other tradesmen that I might need.
My apartment is the only one where the ventilation works. Madame says that the English builder bodgers that the last owners employed and who buggered up the electrics etc were supposed to come and fix the ventilation as part of their contract, but they never did. She says that the lawyer should be able to chase this work up (assuming as S suggests they are still in business).
It is now 11pm on Sunday and Madam's building contact did not appear for a chat.
Are there any decent chippies in France? (a food pun there just to show that I haven't lost my sense of humour)

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