Monday, 2 February 2009

Gardening and cinema

Another pleasant day and time to do a bit of weeding in the garden to see if any of the bulbs that were planted late last year are still there.
We must have planted well over 100 but only about 20 are poking their heads above ground.
When I reached Madame’s erb jardin, there was barking and something small and grey rushed out the greet me. No, it wasn’t Madame, but her small dog. The dog was however, followed by her mistress. She inspected what I had done and joined in, borrowing my secateurs to chop back some shrubs. By 1.30pm I had had enough and was hungry. Madame had finished trimming her bush, so it was a good time to stop. (Ah. The old jokes are still the best).
Tomorrow I will do some tree snipping if the rain holds off, as the green waste collection comes very early on Tuesday morning.
Late afternoon I walked into town to the cinema to see “Frozen River”. It was a reasonable little film, with no names that I recognised in it. It was however VO, which means version originale, i.e. a USA film in English with French subtitles. This continues my movie theme of yesterday. Bonne continuation, even if I do say so myself.


  1. if Madame is the woman in that picture some time back ... that 'joke' may give me bad dreams ... just sayin' ...

  2. The lady in the tent and turban photo was my neighbour's wife. Yes she was the right way up in the photo. I will post an aerial photo of Madame shortly so that you do not get confused in future.


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