Friday, 20 February 2009

Going to Halle and the importance of putting commas in the right place

Just before we set off for a walk into town this morning, my mobile phone played its merry tune. I answered and it was the man from the underground river phoning to let me know that he had received my CV etc but that the post has already been filled. So no underground gondolier work for me. The discerning females and no doubt males will not get the chance to marvel at my loin cloth, bulging, baby-oiled muscles in my role as chief punter and guide, lit only by flickering light reflecting off the water.

Very nice weather today, but cold out of the direct sun. The market and the town were much busier than usual, due no doubt to the school holidays. The traffic even more clogged than usual.

Our only purchase was some fresh pasta. A mixture of spinach and 3 cheeses tortellini. 300gms for 6 euros 50. At that price it’s a good job that he threw in one or two extra bits.
Many of you will be dying to know how the Halle aux Grains restoration work is progressing. Some of you may remember that I spoke about it last year. The steel work has been cleaned, soldered, re-painted and the slate roof is on.
Two weeks ago the wooden roof planks began to appear.
One week ago the slates began to be deployed.

Today the majority of the slates are on and some fancy painting has appeared on the steel work.

I suspect that it may even be ready for use by the 2 nearby cafes, whose business must have nosedived since the space and the road between them and the Halle was fenced off. The food market traders will start to use it again on Friday mornings once it re-opens in a month or so.

We returned home and I cut the remaining shoots/branches from the tree in front of Madame’s patio. Then we dragged out a couple of garden chairs and sat in the sunshine reading.
Madame appeared later and let me know that next Tuesday evening she is having some kind of celebration and that there will be lots of strange cars in the parking area.

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