Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hot stuff and French films

All of a sudden on Friday someone has decided to give us a blast of summer weather. Thankfully not as hot as the Australians are experiencing at the moment. I drove to LeClerc supermarket in 21 degrees C. It was all I could do to stop myself turning on the airconditioning. It is amazing how a burst of sunshine can lift the spirits and get the old arse in gear.
I had spotted that they had bargain fluorescent jackets at 2 for half the price that I had paid for one (just before it became law to keep them in the car for occupants in case of car breakdown on the road) and I now have 5 yellow and one orange jacket. They also had a special on warning triangles (which you must also have with you to deploy in case of accident). I now have 2 triangles. Perhaps I could start my own percussion band “Rigsby and the fluorescents”?
Most French music is really dire, so I would be coming in at the top end.
I believe that 2 triangles and jackets are compulsory car luggage in Spain, which is probably an hour or less drive south.
Spurred on by the sun’s golden glow, I decided to wash the stairs and to wash my car.
Washing small cars is much more fun than washing cars with big bonnets (the bit of the metal between the windscreen and the front number plate, before JNNR asks). In fact I was going to apply car polish / wax to the car, but I could not find any in amongst my supplies.

On Saturday evening there was nothing worth watching on the TV, so I unwrapped my DVD of “Jean de Florette”. I saw this film at the Glasgow Film Theatre when it first came out and of course its sequel “Manon des Sources”.
I also taped it from the TV onto video. Time to watch it on DVD then. Thank goodness for subtitles. The language spoken is not French as most of us know it, but a regional dialect.

Merde! I can feel a list coming on J
Top French films wot I have seen. In no particular order, probably.

1) Diva
2) Les Rippoux
3) Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources
4) Pauline at the beach (Pauline à la plage)
5) One deadly summer (l’été Meutrier)
6) Les Visiteuses
7) Cop au vin
8) Death in a French garden
9) Betty Blue (37 degrees 2 in the morning)
10) Romaud et Juilliette
11) Chocolat
12) Amelie
13) The hairdresser’s husband
Un moment d'egarement (A Moment of Distraction) remade later in the USA as “Blame it on Rio”
Trois hommes et un couffin (Three Men and a Cradle). Remade in the USA as “Three men and a baby”

I have a backlog of films to watch which may add to my “favourites” list

Pot Luck (L’auberge espagnole), Russian Dolls (Les poupées russes), The road to Corinth; The Breach; Pleasure party, Innocents with Dirty hands, The flower of evil, An Autumn tale, Le rayon vert, Indochine, A very long engagement, The nest, Le Boucher, Love etc.

My favourite films in languages “other” than English

1 My life as a dog (Mitt liv som hind) by Lasse Hallstrom
2 The postman (Il Postino)

Are there any other “”must see” French films? No pretentious crap please, just good story lines that merit repeat viewings.

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