Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A bit of a long punt

We have been suffering from some kind of virus for a couple of days now, but S seems to be over it and I am getting there.
Yesterday we went on another fruitless trip to leClerc to see if the copies of the keys (which still didn’t work) could be refined. Unfortunately the young lady decided that nothing could be done, and she gave me my money back.
I think that the real key-cutter / boot mender is on holiday, as she said that if I really wanted the key copied I could come back the next day, when the bootmaker would be there.
Next stop was the Renault garage to see about the onboard warning message “vidange a prevoir” (oil change) keeps coming up on the dash board screen.
It is also due its free 2,000 km service.
First stop the main garage office. Redirected to the mechanics office. A works order is printed off, That will be 165 euros. It is supposed to be free, I say.
More discussion and they decide that when the car was serviced prior to sale to me, someone forgot to enter the fact that the oil had been changed then, into the computer.
Redirected again to a garage behind, to find Richard to book my free service.
We stand around like lemons by the paint shop office waiting for Richard to appear. Eventually one of the mechanics uses their mobile to locate him.
I explain our presence and a service is booked for next Tuesday morning. What could go wrong?
As it was a nice day, I took a detour to find the location of the Rivière Souterraine de Labouiche which claims to be the longest navigable underground river in Europe. Discovered in 1909 and open to the public in 1938. Guides take groups of visitors in boats along 1,500 meters of it to admire the stalagmites, chalk formations etc Prehistoric and Gallo-Roman remains have been found there. Okay, I knew it was closed until later in the year, but there was a job advertised for there in last week’s free paper. I might be well suited to paddle the boats loaded with passengers as I am sure that people have muttered admiringly in the past about me being a complete punt.

We inadvertently took the long route, but had marvellous views of the snowy mountains en route.
It was my Instep meeting today, so my advisor drafted a letter of interest and faxed that and my CV off.
I don’t hold out much hope, but it will be interesting to see if anything happens. The job lasts 8 months.
However the mobilisation towards employment is not about getting a job, it is about finding out what job you would like to do, as my advisor reminded me….

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