Saturday, 17 January 2009


Up early this morning and once car de-iced I set off for Assedic armed with copies of the documents that they wanted from me yesterday. I noted that advisor appointment number machine had moved on from the 606 that was me yesterday morning, to 701, so business is brisk.
Next stop was Leclerc to buy a French keyboard. Their key layout is slightly different to the UK version and has the circumflex etc, required for French words. Can I get MS office 2003 to co-operate? Basically no. I have altered numerous default MS and keyboard settings and the French language or bits of it will work, but next time I switch on…..
Anyway I did not discover this until I got home.
Meanwhile it was off to the tax office for me, to register as a French tax payer.
After some chat with the lady on the reception desk, who had already been interrupted in taking down the Christmas decorations once, I was given the number of the room on the second floor that I needed to go to, to see if my records had my French address, or whether the lawyer had registered me with a UK address.
The lady behind the desk, took various details and said that she would correct the system. They will send me out a tax form in May.
I had a walk around the locality as I had not been there before. There is an open air velodrome, numerous tennis courts, rugby pitches, etc. Also a large tent like object which may be the polyvalent that I have seen advertised being a venue for various events such as dog shows.
There is also a stadium with floodlights, a dojo where one of the activities on Monday nights is Iaido, and various other sporting facilities that I did not investigate as the tummy was starting to rumble.In the afternoon the sun was still shining, so I walked into town. In front of the war memorial I could see a clump of women holding or leaning on wooden signs. As I approached, I could see that they were not happy about the Israeli action in Gaza. One of the figures looked familiar. It was Madame. I went up to her and we had our first chat of the New Year. I said “You are militant today”, she replied “I am militant every day!”. She is a member of an association that send aid for Palestinian children.

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