Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Belly Lorna

Some of you may be wondering why I am following the blog of a Scottish belly dancer living in Cairo. Is it some sort of secret fetish? Does he dress up and do the dance of the 7 veils? I hear you ask.
Well obviously!
Nope sorry to get your hopes up.
In 2004 S and I spent a few days at the Edinburgh festival. One of the Festival Fringe events that we booked up for was a midday meal in a restaurant complete with belly dancing. The restaurant was not very big and it was completely full. We had a very tasty meal and met some nice people at the table next to ours. The lady had been a pupil of the lady who was going to perform the dances.
When dance time came, the fully costumed dancer appeared. Before each dance she explained what it was about, the music would start and she would start shimmying across the floor and in between the tables shaking and wobbling those parts which are not usually shaken or wobbled, at least not at such speed.
Next it was time for audience participation. This is when you shrink into your seat and try to become invisible.
No such luck, and I am one of the lucky ones dragged up onto the floor.
Still no one will ever know.
Years later I did a Google search. I remembered her surname as it was the same name as that of the Very Reverend Dean Gow who had been our God bod when I was a lad.
The result was stumbling across this blog. I think that she is very brave to have moved to Cairo on her own to pursue her dancing career.
Here are a couple of photos from the event. There were some photos of me up dancing in my little scarf belt, but I cannot find them. I know how disappointed you are so here are 2 photos of Lorna in action on the day.
Any cold Americans out there could do worse than get their belly dancing costume on and create their own warm glow.


  1. who shared my secret? well, sort of ... my across the street neighbors must look in my window and roll their eyes as I am the sort of neighbor who cranks up her music and dances ... maybe not bellydancing but I can shake my moneymaker with the best of them.

    Shocked?! ;-)

  2. French TV being so bad, I should think your neighbours (neighbors)would be willing to pay a license fee to watch your song and dance shows.
    I look out of my window and see a big white building and a road.


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