Friday, 9 January 2009

Taking your eye off the ball

I have just woken up after a long sleep under an apple tree. It is amazing how things change over even short periods of time.
Take the weather, and at the moment I wish someone would. Arctic conditions over Europe, coldest temperatures for over 100 years in some places, and this despite the large number of patio heaters in the world. Perhaps the recent banning of their use to keep smokers warm outside entertainment venues to help combat global warming has contributed to this global frosting?

The skiers may be happy, but I suspect that businesses have been hit hard.
Yesterday the Simply British shop was closed due to snow.
The perimeter wall of the bungalow across the road has fallen over into their garden. They have recently had their house, entrance and another of their boundary walls painted, but this wall had been left as it was, in breezeblock state, unrendered. Perhaps they expected it to fall down?

The French electricity company recorded the third successive highest ever usage in a row.
At least my town is not at a standstill and the falls of snow have been light.

I hope that anyone leaving their properties uninhabited over the festive period and beyond, remembered to switch off the water at the mains and that they left a shovel in a handy place for digging their way back to their front door.

The Christmas trees are still blocking the town’s pavements. Perhaps there is a plan to remove them all at the same time?
In the UK, businesses have started collapsing due to the world economic crisis. Woolworths has gone. Where will Dawn get her pik-'n-mix fix now?

Adams and Marks and Spenser branches closing. Will my parents no longer be able to buy M&S quality grapes in their high street?

Due to complaints about always having the date that the post refers to in my header, you will notice that I have taken the comments on board.

Welcome back everyone. Remember to buckle-up, we could be in for a bumpy ride this year.

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