Monday, 12 January 2009

Employment search

Today I took the first steps towards seeking employment. I filled in the online registration form and a couple of hours later I received a phone call to come for an appointment with an Assedic advisor this week on Thursday morning.
I have to bring along my passport and some other paperwork.
Now all I have to do is master the French CV process, letters of motivation, and learn all the appropriate employment and employment seeking terminology.
I also need to go to the local tax office to make them aware that I am here, fill in some duplicate forms in French and English versions so that I don’t get taxed twice and find out if the UK tax office expects me to fill in a UK tax return.
Choir starts again tonight. Last weeks first practice of the year was cancelled due to the snow, so tonight we will see in the New Year with
“La dégustation de la galette et le pot de nouvel an. Après la répétition qui est prévue à 20 h 45 (pour les bisous de début d’année venez à 20h 30) »
Time to get your French dictionaries out I think….

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