Monday, 19 January 2009

No Instep

This morning I set off for my first Instep meeting with my job seeker advisor.
I turned up on time and opened the office door. The lights were on but no one was in the small room. A woman called down the stairs and then appeared. The lights promptly went out and I pushed the wall switch pad to let there be light.
Did I have an appointment?
Yes, I said and showed her my letter.
She had not received any letter documenting the meeting and the advisor who would be guiding me throughout my orientation was not there today.
Strange, I thought as I had been with the lady at Assedic when she made the phone call and agreed the date, place and time of the meeting with the advisor. But I said nothing.
The lady photocopied my letter (the French are a nation of copiers and love nothing more than collecting more paper to file), then phoned the advisor to arrange a second, first meeting. So now I have all the excitement to look forward to again tomorrow afternoon.
The water bill for the last 6 months arrived a few days ago. I now see that it has to be paid at the same building that the tax office that I visited last week, is in. I will post the cheque for payment to them.

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