Thursday, 29 January 2009

Bonne journée

The sun shone for a while this morning, so I set off to complete the task given to me by my Instep advisor before our next meeting on Monday next week.
I got my folder together adding the two letters that I had received earlier in the week and set off to the Chamber of Commerce which is in the centre of town.
I did not get far as I was waylaid by Madame, clad in her pink pyjama ensemble. After asking how I was, she asked me if she could borrow my extension cable so that she could vacuum her car. She told me that one had to take advantage of the good weather.
I went back into the house and gave her the item, telling her to just lock it back into the hallway cupboard when she had finished with it.
I set off again as it was coming up to 11am and the CCI closes for lunch at noon. I entered the building and saw that there was a young lady seated behind the reception desk talking to a man in is 20’s. He then started off up the staircase adjacent to the stairs. No, he could not do that she said. He did not seem pleased and after a few more words, he headed for the entrance.
He pulled the door open. Meanwhile the receptionist had said “Bonne journée” and he had ignored her. She looked displeased and said again in a loud, challenging voice “Bonne Journ2e”. He headed out of the door and she looked at me in a way that said –the rudeness of some people-
If she remembers his name, I suspect that any future business he may have there may well be more difficult to accomplish.
Bonjour, I said. I explained the reason for my visit. Did I have a copy of my CV and a letter of motivation? She asked. Now my advisor had not mentioned bringing any such items. I certainly don’t have a letter of motivation, but I have got a CV. I searched through my folder at least 3 times. Nightmare! No CV.
I had a dim memory then of my advisor asking me if she could keep a copy of it, but I should still have had one left.
The receptionist (they probably are not called receptionists and are much more powerful than that) said that it was not a problem and that I could email my CV to her. She wrote down the address on a post-it note and checked carefully to make sure that, being such a feeble person, I could read her writing. We parted with the mandatory farewell of bonne journée.
Once I got home I emailed in my CV and I received a reply that she would forward my CV to any interested parties and I would hear in due course should anyone wish to have a chat with me about my qualifications, work search etc. The receptionist has the power to progress my cause, or not…..
Oh well, at least I can say I completed my task and have an email to prove that I made the trip.

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