Monday, 23 August 2010

The walled garden

Following on from the spate of accidents which saw cars crashing through the wall of my neighbour across the road last year, we finally saw some action. I expect that the insurance took ages to come through and that some paperwork also had to go through the mairie for approval. Earlier this year my neighbour started work to clear the remaining wall. Here he is pushing over the wall's end pillar. Because it had steel reinforcing rods built in, this took about a day.
When it finally fell, it fell sticking out onto the main road a bit and he continued to struggle to cut through the remaining steel rods. Oops!

A few days of activity with a sledge hammer and power tools, then nothing. 
I went away for a couple of weeks and came home to find that work had commenced.
This was fine by me. Although the workmen made lots of building noise. What did annoy me was that they were parking their cars, vans, lorries in my parking area. Especially annoying was the fact that they would leave the vehicles there and piss off for a 2 hour lunch break.
After a few days I got really fed up with them as it was now difficult and even more dangerous for me to try and manoeuvre past them and out onto the busy road. After a few days, I told them to vacate my property.
The results of their labours can be seen in the following photo. Anyone who crashes into the wall now will be dead meat unless they are driving a huge lorry. There are huge lorries with trailers which whizz up and down the road fully loaded with stripped trees, so they may survive, if the logs don’t shoot forward and pulverise them.

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