Monday, 2 August 2010

Healthy living part 2

Yes I know this is boring, but real life is not all fast women and loose cars you know.

I located the MGEN office and once again armed with my documents (of course I didn’t take my passport).

A very nice young lady welcomed me, spoke clearly and more slowly than absolutely necessary. She photocopied various documents and sent me away with a “I want to get into the social security system” form to fill in and a request to return at some point with my passport.

I duly filled in as much of the form as I could (understand) and returned complete with passport to the MGEN offices.

The same lady was on duty and she looked through my form, copied my passport and then tried to update my carte-vitale (this is a credit card sized piece of plastic with your social security number, photo, and some kind of electronic info chip).

Neither her, nor a back-room colleague were able to sort out the card. “They’ve put a block on it” she said. “We will have to send it away to get it unblocked and updated”...

Rule one – never let anyone take your carte-vitale away from you, you will never get it back.

But what’s a boy to do.

Some weeks later I got a letter telling me to keep hold of my carte-vitale and that they would notify me once it was ready to be updated. So I went along to the MGEN office and explained that they had taken my carte away from me. A different nice lady typed stuff into her computer. She also spoke clearly and slowly and said that, yes, my carte was still away being unblocked.

Two days later they sent me another letter, and a form to fill in to get a carte-vitale, and an envelope in which to return the form and a passport sized photo.......

That was at least 2 weeks ago.

What are the odds on a) never getting a card, b) getting a new card, c) getting new and old card?

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