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Life as an AVS (Assistant vie scolaire) - updated11.8.2010

This is probably the most enjoyable job that I have had to date. I get to do a bit of word processing, photocopying, scanning. I make things ready for the children to use to make mother’s day presents etc. I check delivery notes, phone up to get the copier serviced.
I help out in the nursery / maternelle school, which sees me helping the 3 -6 year olds do jigsaws, build with bricks, make sure that they eat their gouter (snack) and drink their juice. The tots are starting to get used to me and some even know my name. Some of them are soo tiny. One such, a small blonde girl who comes to school dressed like a small film star, complete with faux black leather jacket and Donny Osmond style cap decorated with diamonds, and who normally just looks at me silently with her big eyes, was sitting having her snack when I came in to the nursery. It was very windy out, so I said to the assistant who was sitting next to the 3 year old girl “I used to have hair, but the wind has blown it all off”. The little girl started laughing. My French must be getting good.

I am now on 2 months holiday, but in the short time that I have worked at the school, I have been on a trip to the zoo, the theatre, Carcassonne, been on a walk in the hills behind the school, helped at the school end of term concert / barbecue.
Carcassonne is well worth a visit.

What is so interesting in this shop window?


 Ah! des jouets!

Here are some photos of the walls of the Cite and views of the surrounding town of Carcassonne. Incidentally, I mentioned the Visiteurs films. Some of the medieval sections of the film, were filmed here.

Every summer Carcassonne has a music festival, some of the acts probably play here. Recent groups include The Cranberries, Simple Minds, Motorhead and some bloke called Bob Dylan. Never heard of him? Nope me neither.
Every 14th July, Carcassonne celebrates with a spectacular firework display. Here is a link so some photos taken of this years feu d'artifice
Guess where I would like to be on the 14th next year....

Some of the children will try out their English. “Wozyernayme?” “Owaryoo?” etc. When I ask them the same question in return however, they are completely stumped. Some children still come up to me and ask me in French “Why do you speak English?” One of the teachers who teaches his class English, likes to test me out with English phrases, so the children sometimes hear me speaking in my native tongue.

To enter even more into the life of the community, I entered the village photo competition and came 3rd in the adult section with this scene of someones vegetable garden. I framed it for the "S" shape, but everyone kept talking about the clever "heart" shape....

I also entered a photo of a lady that was in her garden whilst I wandered around looking for subjects. I asked her for her permission to take the photo and to enter it in the competition.

Getting back to the subject of this post, he walk in the hills was a sudden replacement for a day’s trout fishing. I still do not know why it was cancelled. The lady from across the road had really been looking forward to the trout trip, as you get to keep any trout that you catch. Catching the trout is probably not too difficult, as the place where they go to fish, releases a number of them into the river, or wherever the fishing takes place.

I sometimes play football with the children, or help the teacher’s if they have to take a gym class. And here’s a thing, people want me to be in their team!!!!! A real change from my school days, when I could be one of the last to be picked for a team.

Here are the older children from CM1 and CM2 shooting baskets under the watchful eye of their teacher.

Yes, the commune, although tiny, even has its own outdoor multi-sports facility, which is available for the school to book.

Yes it’s all go!

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