Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Les Visiteurs

Recently I had my first visitors from the UK. They almost visited me last year, but due to G’s wife, M not meeting minimum height requirements at the UK airport, their trip was postponed.

They drove this time, spending a week at Cap d’Agde, travelling up one day to come and see me. No stranger to my skills as a host, G and M spent a good 5 hours with me before heading back to the sunshine and sanity of the coast, but it was nice to see them again.

We did manage to fit in a walk to buy a baguette and a brisk stroll through the oldest of the town’s streets. They were able to look up at the castle, but not to go and touch it. They can do that next time they come.

I noticed that M is still not attempting to meet height restrictions, and continues to stroll around in flip-flops (or thongs as they are called over here).

Madame had been warned in advance that I was expecting the same visitors that didn’t turn up last year. I think that she has probably seen the film ‘Arvey and thinks that I only have imaginary friends.

She was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of three backs as we went into the house, but didn’t see them leave.

A week later she asked me if my visitors were still there. I explained that they were not, and that they had only stayed for 4 or 5 hours. “Ils sont fous les anglais” she said and because French women are always right, and because it would have taken too long to explain that one was Scottish and one Pilipino, I too shrugged my shoulders, raised my hands to the heavens, and agreed with her.

Incidentally “les Visiteurs” (The visitors) and its sequel are two funny French films following the adventures of a 12 century medieval knight and his servant, who, after drinking a magic potion, find themselves in modern day France. Unusually, the American remake, featured the same 2 French actors Christian Clavier and Jean Reno. The first of the two films is the best, and is roughly the 4th most successful film at the French box office.

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