Monday, 8 December 2008

7.12.2008 Sunday – Telethon

The last few days / weeks there have been dull telethon programmes on the TV. Today there is a vide grenier (empty attic) sale in the main public square. In the afternoon I take advantage of this spell of warm weather to walk into town to catch the air of excitement that must surely be whipping local residents up into a frenzy.
There are 2 small canvas stalls joined together. Behind the barracade of two or three trestle tables, with items placed on them, I can see three women. No one else is in sight.
Instead of scenes of people fighting over house clearance items, I took some photos of the more extensive Christmas decorations in evidence in the town.

I received a couple of nice emails today. One from Martine. the elle presidente of the choir, seeking to find out if I have shaken off the flu yet, and if they will see me soon.
The other was from AM with whom I used to work in my previous life in the UK and who is getting her Christmas lights up.
Nothing seems to have improved in my old job, but another qualified person will be retiring early next year. Oh how I miss the witty banter that the workplace provided.

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