Thursday, 11 December 2008

10.12.08 Wednesday – Cliff face

Awoke to a light dusting of snow (outside) and at around 11am it started to snow heavily. Not what you want to see when you have planned to go shopping to Pamiers at 1pm.
Fortunately the snow only continued to fall for about 20 minutes. So I was able to escape on time. Still the only signs of Christmas in the huge Leclerc store are 2 aisles of toys for children, and an aisle and a half of chocolates, ranging from the small packet to the large box of chocs.
What do people buy each other at Christmas in France? There don’t seem to be any special Christmas gifts. Perhaps, as it should be, they are happy with a satsuma, some nuts and a Toblerone?
As I wandered the aisles seeking food inspiration, Sir Cliff (Richard) sang to me. “It’s so funny how we don’t talk anymore”. Well Cliff, all you have to do is pick up the phone. Action is the thing. Singing about it just isn’t going to make it happen, OK?
I remember being at school in the highlands of Scotland when Cliff came to our school. I remember that for some reason we watched a short film featuring the Typhoo tea monkeys. Lord knows why. I expect that Cliff was with us in evangelical mode to spread the Word of God.
I expect that this thing would not be allowed these days. This would explain why I have not heard of him visiting any schools recently. He is probably too busy rehearsing for the
50th Anniversary Reunion Tour with the original Shadows late 2009. He (Harry Rodger Webb) was born 14 October 1940.
I believe that he also used to preach at the BishopsTron Church in Glasgow in the mid to late 1970’s. Perhaps he has been stalking me all my life?
Apparently when I was very small and Television was black and white, whenever he would appear on the screen singing “Living Doll” I used to run up to the TV and kiss the screen.

My excuse is that I was only a 2 year old at the time.

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