Friday, 5 December 2008

04.12.08 Thursday – Provisions and a quote

I got up early and drove to the Intermarche. There were none of the plastic shoppers with the extendible handles to be found so I had to carry a basket round with me.
Lots of special boxes of Christmas chocolates and specially packaged alcohol boxes were on view, as well as a double aisle of children’s toys. No blaring music. In fact I was aware of shop announcements going on whilst I was in the store, but with my new deaf- ears status I probably missed out on being their lucky one millionth customer.
I now have a supply of choclatines for my elevenses and pizzas were on special offer!
Snow now adorns most of the peaks around Foix, so I am surprised that we are not experiencing really cold weather.
Back home, and being a man of action, I pick up my christmas cards and head out to the post box in my road. No use. The cards will not go into the tiny box unless I fold them in half. I walk on into town and find a larger post box.

Nestling in my own post box when I return, is a quote for the external painting and crack filling. It is 3 times as much as I was expecting. I could almost buy a new car with the money. Another firm of painters are still at work on the bungalow opposite so I type up a list of what is required, based on the outline of the first quote and I take it across to see if they can also give me a quote.
A painter comes across the road with me. I explain what is required and give him my piece of paper. He will come back and measure the walls then supply a quote.
All this and it is still only 11am!
Time to test the choclatines for quality.

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