Saturday, 13 December 2008

12.12.2008 Friday – Bitz and pieces

Cliff Richard will not be appearing in the UK Celebrity Big Brother House as his request to have his own personal toilet facilities away from the main house could not be met. What was he thinking of even entering into negotiations with these people?
Shops now have posters in the window to celebrate how proud they are that local girl Chloe has been crowned Miss France. Her village is just over 3 miles away from my house, so she is indeed a local girl.
However all is not well in the French beauty world as one of the contestants in Chloe’s Miss Ariege competition is now complaining that the competition was rigged and that it should have been her and not Chloe who won.
This week I missed the one bit of excitement in town. The secondary school children went on strike and over 150 of them held a demonstration at the Town Hall. They are unhappy about some new educational reforms which are being spoken about.
They were a bit disorganised at this stage and when they set off to their next demonstration point, the Prefecture, the march organisers had to tell them to “Slow down or we’ll be there in less than 5 minutes” and the disruption to normal life would be minimal, reports the local paper.
The paper also intimates that this is a soft introduction for the pupils to their future role in the many French strikes in the adult world. There was also a lot of texting and flirting going on….

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