Monday, 4 October 2010

Visitors 7 – The last supper at Gaia

On the evening of their last day, J and I were kind enough to treat me to a meal out. We ate at Gaia, a very small restaurant in the old part of town. Unlike all the other restaurants which offer cassoulet, steak and chips, pizza, crepes, frozen moules frites (Yes “Café Gros” can’t even be arsed to cook them in the microwave long enough to defrost the mussels), this restaurant, run by an Australian / English couple, have a decent menu, with their own specialities which change according to what is freshly available. A novel concept here in this part of the France.

There were only two other diners inside the restaurant and three outside for the whole time that we were there.
I thought that I had taken some photos in the restaurant, but can find no trace of them if I did. Perhaps I used I's camera.
Because I know the owners it was all very relaxed. Mind you I ate too much for my little “on a diet” tummy to hold.
Meal over we tottered towards the Halle au Grains where the orchestra for the evening were due to play.
When we reached the centre ville, we found that the procession flambeaux was still trundling slowly round the circuit, so we watched this year’s novelty participants namely the vintage cars, majorettes, a brass band, etc complete their last lap.
Then it was back across the road to watch the orchestra. This was a much reduced band compared with the previous evening, and was a tighter combo as a consequence. i.e. there was no time for them to chat to each other when it wasn’t their turn to sing.
We didn’t stay for very long though as J and I had to be up early to get to the airport and onwards to Paris for part 2 of their trip to France.

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