Monday, 18 October 2010

Café society

I was pottering about at home on the Saturday afternoon, when my phone rang. It was F. She was in a café waiting for the J-M to arrive back from his bus trip to Pas de la Casm to buy their cigarettes and perfume and she was bored.
It was about 3pm, so I put on a jacket and headed off into town. I found her sitting outside the cafém puffing away on a fag.
We went inside where it was warmer and I had a succession of beers, whilst we waited for J-M. His bus was due at 5:30p; she said. At 5:30 she phoned him up to find out where he was. The customs officers had stopped all vehicles and inspected everyone’s papersm but now the bus was stopped at Ax due to a road traffic accident involving a motorcyclist, who appeared to be dead at the scene.
He eventually arrived at about 6.30 pm.
We had 2 more beers and them headed off for a pizza. I declined the offer of coming back to their flat for a drink, and made it home for 9.30pm Quite a long outing for a cup of coffee.
During my coffee break I learned that Madame and the two of them were no longer friends and that there was no chance of them ever being friends again. They were sorry they said, but they would not ever be coming to my flat for drinks as they did not wish to even see Madame in passing again.
There were many slights imagined or not, which had been building up. The last straw had been when they saw her at the demonstration in town on the Tuesday after the roast beef. The invalid who had been too tired to stay for supper, too tired to make the trip to see the parachutists, had been stomping about shouting into a megaphone, and when she had spotted J-:M, she had just turned her back on him.
This time it is over for good, They had had words on the phone, airing their respective grievances and had both said that this was the END!
Always remember boys and girls, that hell hath no fury like a French woman scorned. mind you there are a lot of nutters of other nationalities out there too.....

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