Saturday, 2 October 2010

VIsitors 6 Summer festival

My visitors returned from the coast in time for the start of the town’s summer festival.

We set off into town and watched the start of the Paul orchestra on the stage in the town centre, before heading off into the medieval centre to watch the firework display.

The Canadians were thinking, small town, probably a few Catherine wheels and a couple of rockets.....
The display went on for 20-25 minutes and was in 3 sections. It was much more ambitious than the previous 3 years and there was a new pattern firework in addition to the heart shape pattern of the previous year. There were also fireworks that exploded much higher than previous years.
My favourite vantage point is quite close to the castle which is perched on the rocky hill.
The trajectory of some of the fireworks meant that they must surely fall on top of us, but we were unscathed by the end of the display. We could see sparks bounding off the roofs of the buildings next to us, but none of the bits of shell casing that we found on our way back into town along our route hit us.
J and I were impressed.
We went to the square to watch the Paul Selmer band. They weren’t as tight as they had been last year. I disappeared (that’s not I as in me) to take photos and once he returned we headed homeward.

The evening ended on a sad note. At 2.30am a couple in their late 50’ early 60’s and who were walking home along the pavement (house next to the light blue one, J and I will know the one I mean), when a 25 year old coming into town too fast, as most drivers seem to do, lost control of his car on the bend and ploughed into them, killing them instantly. The young gentleman (from Toulouse) concerned had had a row with his girlfriend who had told him that he was too drunk to drive. He had set off in the car with a mate (who was asleep on the back seat at the time of the accident), and misjudged the bend versus his speed........
This was not the first time that the young man had been caught for drunk driving. Rumour has it that he had no valid licence, probably not even insured.
The papers were expecting him to get at least 10 years. He was tried very quickly, given five years, reduced to 3 years.. You have to understand that he was in a fragile state at the time of the accident, his girlfriend is expecting their child etc..... I believe that the victim’s family are to appeal against the lightness of the sentence.
The youth is said to be upset that he caused the two deaths the poor wee lamb.... Go figure! It’s not just British justice that is barking mad.

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