Tuesday, 12 October 2010

School la Rentree

I am still working at the school. My contract ran out on the 30th of Sept and so my head teacher rang up one of her pals to see if there was any news about my future. After some research, it was reported that my contract had been renewed for a further 9 months, and that someone should have phoned me to that effect. Nobody had of course. There was no news as to whether I would be staying at the same school though. So no immediate return to my Gaye Pole emploi days.
Some days later it was reported that 14 admin staff had lost their jobs in the Departement. Their contracts had run out and they were not going to be renewed or replaced.
Nationally, some 14 – 16,000 AVS posts have been axed, as the government attempts to save cash,
As I write this blog, on the 9th of October, I await written confirmation and a new contract, or any official confirmation of same, or where I will be working.
Still, my situation is nothing in the greater scheme of things as the French continue to voice their displeasure at Sarkosy’s plans to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62,
I have lost count of the number of demonstrations and stike days so far. There is to be another day of action on Tuesday 12 October, so I wouldn’t advise making travel plans to or from France on that date. Plus, rain is forecast.
I believe that things will escalate thereafter, with a series of selective strikes every couple of days.

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