Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow motion

The weather forecasts or “meteo” have been fairly grim recently and most of the staff at the school had begun talking about changing their tyres for winter ones “pneu neige”. Snow was forecast for the following weekend and the following week, so I decided to bite the bullet and buy my first ever winter tyres. I set off with F and J-M to the nearest branch of FeuVert (Green Light) which is some 25kms away. I opted for 2 front winter tyres which after fitting, balancing TVA (VAT) came to 176.78 euros. The report on the fitting warned that my front brake pads would need replacing very soon.
The promised snow never came, so I do not know how they will cope with a snowy trip to school. I am hoping that any snow that does fall will come during the Christmas holidays.
This week I went back to FeuVert to get my brake pads done and to replace the original car battery.
I now have a fidelity card, so future purchases will give me as yet unknown benefits.
The cost of this latest outing was 211.39 euros, so a costly week car-wise.
Whilst I was there I enquired how much it would be to have a tow bar fitted to my car, as most of the bike racks seem to require one to fit on to. Okay, so I don’t have a bike, but it could be my route to peak fitness. The quote was for 348.90 euros.......Cycling is a mug’s game anyway.
We still have not had any snow, although most of the rest of France is covered in the stuff. Hooray!

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