Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Tenants – Gawd bless ‘em

Mason man still has no electricity in his flat. This does not really matter much as he seems to have vanished taking everything with him last Saturday afternoon. He has also removed his name from his post box. As far as I can tell he has not paid any rent since October. His next rent day is the 22nd of December so it will be interesting to see if any money comes in to my account then.
There is still a pair of his work boots under the steps outside. There used to be two pairs there.
I sent an email to the lettings agency about two weeks ago, after I saw him putting his television and various bits of furniture into an old car. The car battery was knackered so it wouldn’t start and he had to push it backwards onto the main road and then push it down the road to get the engine started.
I got an email back from the agency saying that they had not heard anything from him, but that they would let me know if they did hear from him. Nothing quite like having a proactive team looking after your lettings.
In France it is illegal to put tenants out into the street from some time in October until about spring the following year, so even if he doesn’t pay any rent I can do nothing about it.
The flat does not bring in much money per month, but a little is better than nothing at all....

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