Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Occitan dancing

Last Friday our local societe amicable for the local quartier held an evening of Occitan dance. It had been a beautifully warm day with temperatures around 17 degrees C, but by 8.30pm the temperature had plummeted to below freezing. Fortunately the event was being held in the local primary school in the next street.
The event was free for anyone to attend, so it seemed reasonable to expect a fair turnout.
There was a huge vat of vin chaude heating up on a gas ring, soft drinks, coffee and slices of cake, again at no charge.
At the height of the evening there were around 29 people there, including the 4 band members, adults and children. Of those, only 14 were from our society (2 of those were in the band). This was a very disappointing turn out, and once again the question will be asked, is it worth all the effort for such small numbers?
Occitan music all sounds the same to me, although I am sure that to the cognoscenti I expect that there us a huge difference between the different tunes.
I felt it my duty to help drink as much of the vin chaude as possible, but by the time that the evening fizzled out, there was still half a vat left.
The next event will be in January, when there will be a new year celebration with galettes and will also be the evening of the agm where the assembled throng will vote for the association’ next year’s President , secretary, committee etc.
In February we will have a visit from the region’s top storyteller. He has a huge following so there will be a lot of competition for the limited amount of tickets available to all, whether they are in the society or not. ...

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