Friday, 24 September 2010

Visitors 2 Lazing on a Sunny afternoon

Having ironed out some of the kinks from the long hours of travel, it was time to hit the road. The first stop was the small village of Alzen about 30 minutes drive away. We wandered around looking for white cows. There weren’t any, they must all be up on the hill pastures for the summer.

busy bees

The Eco Rural museum was open as advertised but we did not go in. We just explored the surroundings. There was a selection of farm objects outside, presumably to tempt the weary traveller to part with 5 euros or so and see what the tiny museum had to offer.

There were some animals in byres. The farm is also a place for school trips, with a classroom and presumably they get to see the goats, sheep, calves, duck, horses and big fat sow.that we discovered snoring peacefully in her stall.

After exhausting that area of the village, we headed back to the car and had a picnic on the park bench.
Then it was back on the road, towards the Col de Peguere with its panoramic, but hazy, view of the Pyrenees and the nearby Tour Laffont.
We arrived at the col and got out of the car. There were some vehicles parked and a few people about. Music was blasting out from a parked cat for the benefit of the elderly lady sitting across the road in her camping chair, reading. Very annoying, but what was funny was that the Countin Crows tune that we had just been listening to in my car, came on her radio.
We headed back homewards but stopped off at a roadside hotel / cafĂ© which had a shaded garden and a superb view out over the valley. Drinks were overpriced, but it was a nice spot to relax. They had a swimming pool hidden below where we were sitting, and a sign on a tree warned to beware of Archery. Upon returning home, my sister found that “Auberge les Myrtilles” at Col des Marrous is listed in my Michelin guide. Does that make me a posh traveller or what?

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