Sunday, 12 September 2010

The frogs’ chorus (not)

Yes, after all too short a time away from the rehearsal room, we returned this Wednesday evening. There were many empty seats but 4 new people showed up. Only the first 40 minutes were taken up with bisses and chatting. Then it was into the stretching, breathing and vocal exercises. Our 80 year old member shuffled I very late, without his wife and not looking at all well.
After 2 years slogging away at one long piece per year, with one or two short songs thrown in for good measure, we will be tackling more short pieces.
We began learning “So ben mi ch'à bon tempo”, de Orazio Vecchi
Here is the list for this year, it is not definitive and more songs may be added along the way.

nouveaux chants (New songs)

So ben mi ch'à bon tempo, de Orazio Vecchi

Belle qui tiens ma vie, de Toinot Arbeau

Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern, choral de Bach

And the glory of the Lord, de Händel

Alleluja, de Stephens

Shenandoah, traditionnel américain

Deep River, spiritual

Siyahamba, chant africain

Dalakopen, chant norvégien

Radhalaïla, chant israélien

valse de Bizet

Locus Iste de Bruckner

Trois petites notes de musique

chants repris: (ones wot we in keeping from last year)

a bicoque (le pêcheur et sa femme)

le château royal (le pêcheur et sa femme)

la fanfare du printemps

Signore delle cime

"Cantique de Racine", de Fauré (G. Fauré, local boy made God)

No Beatles or Muppet tunes appear in the list, and will therefore not be harmed in the coming year. I am ‘artbrokenne.

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