Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Visitors 1 Janes, planes and automobiles

A few weeks ago I had a couple of visitors. J and I from Canada. J is one of my sisters. They stayed for a week and tried to fit in as much as time and jet lag would allow. They even made it to the coast for 2 days. It also happened to be my first week back at work after the 8 week summer break, so I only managed a couple of days of outings with them.
They were due to arrive on the Saturday having flown in from Ottawa to Frankfurt and then from Frankfurt to Toulouse. I had worked it out that they would probably reach my house at around 2pm.
The phone rang, and I learned that they had missed their connecting flight from Frankfurt to Toulouse. They were now on standby for the 14:30 flight. I re-did my calculations and reckoned that they would be with me by about 6pm if everything went well.
I decided to walk into town and get some cash, buying a baguette on my way back and still be home before they made it to mine.
As I strolled along through a car park under the dappled shade of the trees, a small red car lurched in my direction. I am used to erratic driving so it was not too noteworthy,
Of course it was J and I. I had spotted me crossing a road and he had circled round to try and find me. He must have the eyes of an eagle as I was in disguise.
Anyway, money dispensed and baguette purchased we managed to meet up again at my house.
I had been out into town the previous weekend to take some photos to help guide them to my house. I learned that I had given the wrong instructions for the first roundabout off the dual carriageway, oops! (I have amended my instructions as a result).
At some point we strolled into town and they got a chance to see parts of the medieval architecture and to marvel at how quiet a town can be despite it being the tourist season

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