Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Stand and deliver

Back at chez Rigsby, I logged on to the Internet and filled in an 8 page form which was similar to the paper one that I had just filled in at Pole Emploi.
This generated a choice of three rendezvous dates/times to return to Pole Emploi to meet with an advisor.
On the allotted day, I arrived at Pole Emploi in good time and waited in the queue. I told the lady at the desk that I had arrived and she ticked my name off the list.
I sat and waited. My fashion model advisor kept me waiting at least 15 minutes, but finally she acknowledged my presence, shook my hand and ushered me into interview room 2.
She found me on their computer system, checked details, then started to fill in a form. We were doing splendidly, but I said that form is very like the form that I filled in online, and the paper form that I filled in here last Monday, but which the lady kept.
My advisor left the room, returning 10 minutes later to say that they couldn't find my form and other paperwork that I had left, anywhere, but that they would have a good search for it that afternoon.
I was asked for more paperwork, which wasn't on the original list of things to bring along. I was now subscribed on a course to learn how to write a CV, a lettre of motivation, and how to search for jobs.

So off I went home again.
The next day, my "lost" paperwork arrived in the post.
I returned to the counter with it  more of my evidence. The lady took away my passport to copy it for my growing evidence file. Then she looked at my language teaching contract. She decided that it wouldn't fit the bill, and went off with it to see her boss.
No it wouldn't do. I needed to  contact my employer and get a proper contract,  then return once I had that.
2 weeks later, the required document arrived in the post. Hands shaking with excitement, I opened the envelope and discovered that the last two dates were missing from my contract.
F**** it I thought, and set off with my pile of paperwork to face Pole Emploi. Before I set off however, I riffled through, only to discover that the copy of my passport was missing from my file (a further delaying tactic perhaps?). I therefore copied my passport.
At Pole emploi, the lady barely glanced at my new "contract" but started hunting for my passport copy. What a surprise it was there....
We will now process your dossier, and you will hear from us in about 18 days, she said.
I headed off into the sunset, no hint of a smile of triumph on my face, lest some punishment excercise be handed out.

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