Thursday, 10 May 2012

Health, wealth and and the pursuit of happyness

On the financial front, things are looking up. I have a new tenant that has just moved in to the studio apartment below me, so that will help towards paying my income tax bill in September, and because I meet the criteria, the French government are going to pay me some unemployment benefit. This will be up to 70 percent of what I was earning from my school job. If  I earn any money, I have to send Pole Emploi a copy of my payslip. I presume that they will then deduct that amount from my benefit money.
Since I worked 3 hours teaching English last month, and will be teaching for a final 3 hours later this month, I will have to declare this, when they decide to send me a payslip. This can take months... and with this being the month of public holidays .......
Now that I have received some documents from Pole Emploi, I need to take them along to my health insurance / social security provider MGEN, so that my advisor there can make copies of them, and file them in my dossier.
Things are beginning to move in the right direction. Now if only I could sort out the long spell of bad weather, I could start working on my tan.

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