Friday, 2 April 2010

We don’t need no education?

C agreed that it seemed as though they were offering me a job, but not as a disability assistant, but as an admin assistant in a school. No other details such as number of hours etc

I said that I would maybe trot along to see the lady on Tuesday next week, but C said that the school staff would be on duty until 5pm, so I could go along now to find out what was what. “Otherwise you will be wondering all weekend” she said.

Reluctantly I went home, changed my clothes and walked to the Lycee about 20 minutes away.

I was given directions to the office of Vie Scolaire (School life).

I ended up in the office of the lady who had phoned me and she completed some kind of application form on my behalf, me supplying the information.

Did I have a RIB (bank details slip) and my carte d’identite?

I said that I hadn’t, but that I could email copies to her.

I then signed 3 copies of a contract “lu et approuve”

I now have to wait until I hear from her that the paperwork is all in order and has been completed before I do anything. I can phone the head teacher of the primary school, located about 15km away from home, to let him know that I have been appointed. (I’m sure that he will be delighted to had an Englishman for his / her admin assistant).

The post is for 6 months, renewable in blocks of 6 months up to a total of 2 years. It starts on the 1st April and is for 20 hours per week. This means that I should get the social/ medical cover that I am lacking at the moment. Holidays are unpaid and it is probably minimum wage at 8 .?? euros per hour, “but it’s a paycheck Jack”

The problem is that I don’t know my timetable and it may not be possible to continue teaching my 3 current primary classes nor the student nurses.

So some people are not going to be happy with me at all.....

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