Tuesday, 6 April 2010

No, yes, maybe Friday 26th March

I had still not heard anything confirming that I could start my admin assistant job on 1st April.

Instep had phoned me a week or so earlier to update them on my progress in finding a job, so I walked into town to visit them at their new location.

The secretary said that she did this type of contract all the time and that it would not be legal for me to do the two jobs.

My ex-Instep advisor appeared, she thought that it would not be legal, but that it was injuste The secretary phoned a friend, who said that it would be possible to do both jobs at the same time.

A Dutch lady appeared, who speaks numerous languages, and who teaches English in primary schools as well as working for Instep. She was having lunch with 3 senior staff from Polemploi who would definitely know. She took my email address and said that she would let me know the definitive answer. (A week later and no email received from her).

I went home for a bite to eat and phoned my new school. Luckily the head mistress answered. She could see me at 5pm. How many hours would I be working per week?....

I drove to the village which is about 16 minutes from home. The school is on the lowest level, but the village sprawls up the hillside. I can see a clock tower on a hill, with a crucifix monument in front of it, and a church tower.

I was early so I rambled up the road leading to the church. There seems to be one small café, but it might also be a small shop. It appears to be closed.

Back down the hill, the pupils are spilling out of the school to be met by parents or grandparents, on foot or by car.

I introduce myself to the headmistress and we have a chat in her classroom.

My work timetable is decided upon. On dear! I will be starting at 9am. This means 4 full days and 2 hours on the Friday, so it will not be possible for me to do the teaching job as well.....

She seems friendly, as do the other teachers who pop in and out whilst we are chatting.

I have opted to take the school dinners three days per week at a cost of 2.80 euros per day. We don’t eat with the children, I will eat with the teachers in one of the classrooms. Sitting on tiny chairs at tiny tables.

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