Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Harry who?

On Friday I had lots of things to get done in town, including going to Polemploi to tell them that I was starting proper work and to find out what steps I needed to take to come off the unemployed register. I also meant to return a French novel that Madame S, from the establishment where I had been “learning ” French for much of the previous year, had loaned me.

However it poured with rain all day without any let up, and I stayed indoors.

It’s just as well that I did as the College phoned me to say that the contract had been received from Polemploi (????!!!) and that I could therefore start at school on Tuesday. (Monday was a national holiday).

I contacted the school to let them know the news and to confirm that I would be able to go to the zoo, and to ask if I should take a picnic.

The weather forecast for the Tuesday suggested warm, sunny weather with a top temperature of 20 degrees. The Wednesday would see a return to cold, rainy weather and a high of 9 degrees.

My French family have been following my dealings with polemploi and my various work experiences with interest. Here is an extract from an email received back then. In which I am compared to Don Quixote tilting at windmills, only in my case tilting at the national education system, Alice in Wonderland and even as a successor to Harry Potter!!

« Avant il y avait Don Quichote contre les moulins à vent, maintenant il y a Rigsby contre l'éducation nationale!

Il faut positiver en disant que cela peut faire la trame d'un futur best seller "Rigsby au pays des Kafkonautes" pourrait être un bon titre.

J'attends avec impatience les récits des nouvelles aventures de "Rigsby au pays des Arignaquois"

Harry Potter aura bientôt un successeur!”

I suspect that the French think that I am a bit of a nutter, but as those of my readers who actually know me will attest, I am as sane as the next man. (also, fortunately none of them know how to leave comments).

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