Friday, 25 September 2009

Road trip

One evening whilst S was indisposed I went out for a slap-up meal.
In the UK you can probably still find a Wimpy bar? where you can get a burger. Well some clever person has opened a Wompy. Yes it was everything I thought it would be, but I wanted chips, chips, chips. The humungous double burger in the photo proved to be 4 - 5 bites worth, the coke was watered down syrup and I had the usual tiny cardboard cup of hard mini-chips.

By the time we left on Saturday morning, it was too windy to sit on the beach, but still very hot.
We followed the coast road, passing through St Cyprien (must go back for a look), Argeles (Sat nav took me down side streets) which is supposed to be posher than Canet Plage, so probably more my type of place (must go back for a look), Banyuls-sur-mer, a small fishing port which we strolled around. Very Catalan as it is near to the Spanish border, it has many big wine houses, warehouses etc. There is quite a smell wine must in the air.

See the choppy sea?

We found somewhere to park and strolled into town. We crossed a bridge over what looked like a dried river bed on the town side and the beach on the right side. This was also a parking area. Free parking I think. The following notice appeared on the wall below

If there is a storm you are asked to remove your car urgently

So, a nice little fishing village with a sheltered harbour for the little boats and Russian roulette parking.
To be continued........

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