Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Après moi....

Every day the world seems to get a little crazier. Recently, Sarko, the French President appeared on stage with people standing behind him in the background. Mr P is a comparitivly small man of around 5 ft 5, and yet he loomed large, thanks to the even more reduced stature of the gents and ladies who had been chosen to stand behind him. The newspapers had a wonderful time.

Before the summer recess he collapsed whilst out jogging and spent a day or more in hospital being monitored. I see that he is back to his fitness regeme and jogging in New York. I hope he remembered to take out travel health insurance. I wonder if there is a special scheme for frequent high-flyers?

This little video has just done the rounds of the choir email. I have no idea who the choir is. The instruction was to close your eyes and listen to the relaxing sound of the rain. I think it is more fun to keep your eyes open and your umbrella up.

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