Monday, 28 September 2009

The only Gay in the village

Well okay, it’s a town, but if I put town, the catch phrase just wouldn’t work. Also for better or worse, I am not gay. This news will hearten many but inevitably disappoint a few :-)
A few months ago, I received a letter from the ANPE to tell me that I had a new advisor. Whoopeee! And that I had an appointment to see him on the morning of 14th Sept.
My appointment was with M Gay Michael. So I went along in due course, wondering how to ask for him. There was some confusion at the desk. Could they see the letter of appointment? Turns out he is a M Michael Le Gay.
I don’t expect he got teased at school or at work much, unless people watch “Little Britain” in the original language over here.
Certainly in the UK he would have had a hard time.
My meeting with him went okay and he gave me a new lead to follow and found out a name to contact in the CCI (3rd time lucky?).
2 weeks later and I have an appointment to see a lady at the CCI language teaching centre. It may just be for a chat and to show me around though.
I also had a meeting with a lady from IFSI in a nearby town re language lessons for trainee nurses, as per a previous post, and I am fairly sure that I have 10 hours per term teaching there, starting in January.
I have also found out that there is a misspelling on my carte de visite. Missed by everyone that I showed it to, pre- printing and after, but spotted by an out of work French teacher at the weekend, who also says that the info and layout of my card is all wrong for the French market. So if anyone wants the remaining 490 cards, just let me know… Fortunately she is going to help me to draught another at choir practice. This could be difficult as she is a soprano and sits at the front and I sit it the back row with the tenors.

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