Monday, 8 June 2009

Computer problem

Last Sunday I travelled over to a fellow choir member’s house to see if I could figure out a problem he was having with the choir’s web site. The problem is that although he can upload text files to the site, any images that he tries to ftp across arrive with a 0kb size and result in a blank rectangle with a little red x appearing on the site.
Unfortunately I was unable to figure out the problem either, so I sent an email in English to the host site. A week later, there has been no response. So if anyone out there in la la land knows the answer, please let me know. Previously uploading images had not been a problem.
My friend C, had ordered Web Creator 4 (which he uses to create the site) and the company had sent him 2 copies. They then told him that they wanted one back at his own expense. He told them to naff off and has not heard any more about it. So I now have an unopened software box to play with, if I ever have the time to do so.
Did I like cherries? He asked. I said that I did like cherries. I ended up climbing one ladder clutching a wire egg basket, while he climbed another holding a huge wicker basket. Time passed and I wondered what he was going to do with all the cherries we were picking. Are you going to make jam? I asked. He replied that he was not going to make jam as he had already done so a week ago.
You guessed it. I went away with a huge wicker basket half full of cherries.
So I found a glass bowl and left Madame a bowlful, I took a bowlful for myself, then I took the still half-full basket to my new French family.
It was about 9pm by now and I had still not eaten. Would I like an aperitif? So I had a pastis and water, with a couple of glaçons (that’s ice cubes to you)
Eventually I got home, made a hasty meal, and straight to bed.

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