Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Banks, bongos and a missed step

My bank account managers wanted to see me about health insurance, so I made an appointment and in due course turned up at the bank. We discussed my santĂ© mutuelle top up policy and I now know that if I want to get glasses or lenses, I will have about 6 months to wait for an appointment at the eye doctor’s practice. There is one practice in my town and one in the nearest town. You cannot get prescriptions filled at the numerous opticians shops until you have a lens prescription from the eye doctor. How different from the UK where seemingly any spotty Herbert optician can do both jobs with minimal waiting for appointments.
She would also like to look at my house contents, building and personal indemnity insurance policy to see if the bank can do the same or more for less.
I remembered receiving some post from the bank, banging on about some new savings account with a super rate of interest (not really, but heaps better than the UK) so I asked about that. An hour and many signatures later I emerged blinking into the sunlight secure in the knowledge that by the next day I would have another operational bank account. Now all I need is money to keep them all topped up! HELLO, IS THERE ANYBODY THERE?????

In the evening I went to the local cultural complex to see the Orchestre National du capitole de Toulouse conducted by Tugan Sokhiev. A large number of the choir were also going so we got a group rate, down from 25 euros per person to 16 euros.
The concert was sold out, and people were being turned away at the door.
I was there early and had to wait for at least half an hour before they opened the doors of the theatre.
I chose the right hand side aisle seat, fourth row back and eventually had a good view of the violinists (not the lead squeaky ones, but I had an excellent view of the lead fiddle). I could also see the double basses all with big carved heads (the instruments not the players) of lions etc.
I cannot remember going to see an orchestra before, except for the school orchestra, so it was very interesting. 2 of my French family were also there, front row and therefore very near the little conductor. They report that the conductor grunted a lot, and that sweat was flying off his head and face in all directions. No ice-creams etc were sold at half time.

Missing Instep

I went to my French lesson as per normal, but unusually I did not look in my diary. I returned home and was feeling a bit yucky so I went back to bed for a few hours. Upon getting up, I checked my land line and found that I had missed a call. I checked the messages and found that I had not turned up for my 10am appointment that morning. Zut (probably French for Doh!).
I therefore made a new appointment . I cannot remember ever missing an appointment in my life before. I must really be turning into a Frenchman.
Perhaps I should start wearing the beret that H&D gave me last year, around town. If I could find someone to make me a fake baguette, I could stroll around town purposefully every day leaving no crumbs. Ignoring the admiring glances and whispered comments “Ow duz e doeet? Ees bred eet ees not bended, or neebelld”


  1. fou de fa fa ...

  2. That's easy for you to say!
    I saw this video a few months ago. But had forgotten all about it.
    Perhaps I will suggest it as the choirs next tune.


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