Friday, 5 February 2010

Taking a shower with Cher

Yes, I was teaching English to the nursing students again. In a bit of role play revision, a student was demonstrating posing the questions needed to fill in the hospital admission form.

I had decided that I had a bad leg and took a shower once a week, whether I needed it or not. I took my eye off the ball for a second and of course I was immediately thrown a curved ball. The student was trying to find out why I didn’t shower more frequently and I had said that I had to lean on my stick whilst taking a shower and that it was therefore hard to wash using only one hand.

“Why not you take shower with Cher?” she asked.
Did I mention that the French Health Service is one of the best in the world? No wonder it is Billions overspent if this is the kind of service on offer.
The image of taking a shower with Cherilyn Sarkisian, who will be 64ish on May 20 this year was an amusing one. For example, who would do the singing, and what outfit, if any would she be wearing?

Some confusion ensued as I tried to keep a straight face. I had no idea what she was trying to say, but I mumbled on about Cher the American singer (I am not supposed to speak French as this is their English immersion hour).

Eventually some of the students understood what I was going on about and started to laugh.

Of course the student was asking why I didn’t take a shower with a chair. ...

I must try harder, concentrate more........


  1. You FrangloAmericans are soo funny. I expect that a goofball is some kind of self-steering golf ball :-)


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