Wednesday, 3 February 2010


At the recent annual general meeting of the local area residents friendly society, we reviewed the years happenings, and new committee members were sought.

I sat on my hands, but my friend Rene volunteered me to be on some committee which has 7 members and who meet with the Conseil General about twice a year, but who had not had to attend any meetings at all last year. (I think).

We now have a rough itinerary of events for the forthcoming year, including games evenings, a trad bal on the 1st May, a treasure hunt in town, on foot instead of in cars etc etc.

The membership fee has risen from 8 euros to 10 euros per family.

After the meeting it was time for the real business of the evening. Seeing in the New Year with Galettes, round cake with a hole in the middle (polo mint shape) and wine. Small children whizzed about grabbing pieces of gallette, hoping to find a small porcelain figure in their piece of cake, thus bringing themselves good fortune for the year and the right to be king for the day.

I found a red porcelain fish in one of my pieces and someone popped a gold paper crown on my head.

I received an email requesting my presence at a meeting of the association committee this Monday evening to discuss the recent AGM. I have no Idea why they want me there, but it gets me out of going to an extra choir practice which is scheduled for the same time.


  1. I don't like frangipane but I do like being queen. so I buy that other cake the slightly lemony one with the shaved almonds and sugar on top. I've got 3 little porcelain doodads now.

    hmm. THAT may have contributed to my 4 kilos.........

  2. What's that cake called that is round but with the centre missing? We had those there too, and they were in the shops, but I didn't note down the name. At last your encyclopaedic knowledge of patisserie may come in useful.


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