Wednesday, 13 January 2010

WII are the champions

During my brief stay in Blighty, I joined a band called the Beatles. S’s son M has a WII, Xboxes etc. There was a little drum kit, with 4 drums, a bass guitar and a microphone. Other instruments and singer could be added.

The music appears on the Television screen and each instrument had its own road of notes.

I got quite reasonable scores on the “Easy” setting and only the foot pedal spoiled my game play.

I had a red, yellow, blue, and a green drum to hit as well as my foot pedal.

My colours to hit appeared on the graphic of a neck of a guitar, relentlessly scrolling towards me. Yes they still kept coming even when I was in bed half asleep.

There is a video and one or two photos of me in action, but fortunately S does not know how to get the photos off her phone, and the video files are probably too large to email to me. What a shame!

What will they think of next? A moving to another country game, where you can buy a property, hire a removal firm, deal with lots of bureaucracy, try and understand the locals, shop for strange foods, try new recipes using pig’s heads, join local associations, buy reconditioned furniture from small local shops, pay taxes, open a bank account,,,,, How long would it be before the novelty wore off and it got put back in its box for good?

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