Friday, 15 January 2010

Snow - because everyone else has posted one

Yes we had snow Friday through to Saturday evening and managed around 12 inches of the white stuff before the sun came out on Sunday and started to kill it off.

Now Madame tells me that she likes the snow and indeed over the weekend she was to be seen in the garden photographing things. She has a new digital camera and has sent me and her friends. Here are three of them: Her powered gnome light and what I call "small dog" but whose real name is Liloo

Today is Wednesday. Yesterday I drove back from my weekly shopping trip to LeClerc. Despite having cleared the snow plough hills along the front of my parking area yesterday, I got stuck with the rear of my car still out in the main road. Fortunately the road was not busy and I was able to reverse out onto the road and try again. There was about 6 inches either side, between the wall pillar and Madame’s car, so it was a bit of a gamble. It took two attempts and luckily I did not hit either obstacle.

I put my shopping away and spent about 2 hours chopping away at the compacted icy snow, from the road to the rear wheels of the cars.

I noticed that Beeboy’s car (which he has left parked at a wonky angle for the last few weeks) had bits of red and amber coloured plastic from the rear, driver side lights, lying on the snow. I can only assume that he hit it while parking his van.

Now the sun is shining and the snow is starting to melt faster. On the news last night they showed how heavy snow has brought many parts of France to a standstill, with no schools open, school transport cancelled etc.

We seem to have been let off lightly. The snow ploughs had been out here, but there was not much evidence of salt or grit being used. The main roads were very treacherous even yesterday.

There was supposed to be an additional choir practice on Monday evening, but it was thankfully cancelled due to the weather. I had decided not to go anyway.

I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but this year we are performing a piece which has been written by our choir master, called “Le pecheur et sa femme”.

The fisherman and his wife. It is based on a Grimm fairy tale. There will be a children’s choir involved too, a couple of soloists and a narrator. It is a tricky piece, and I am not enjoying it at all. The CD that I was given which is

supposed to emphasise the tenor part, is worse than useless, and I cannot distinguish the tenor part even in the bits that we have already learned.


  1. you sure you aren't a wee bit french, what with the moaning and groaning?

  2. I have never complain about nothing Missis.


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