Sunday, 2 August 2009

Spring cleaning

Yes, I know it is July, but Madame decided that today was the day that she would wash her carpets. Having watched Bee-boy’s dad using his karcher pressure washer to clean segments of bee hive, she had decided that it was just what she needed to do a proper cleaning job.
The two rugs were spread out on my new patio area, and after some technical instruction, from Bee-boy’s dad and she was up and running. First the carpet was watered, then cleaning liquid was sprinkled on the tapis.

Bee-boy’s mother also watched the proceedings as we struggled not to laugh at the carpet scene unrolling before us.
Next came the scrubbing with a brush which she keeps for use only when cleaning her carpets.
The next stage was chasing off the soap suds with the pressure washer.

Madame was enjoying herself so much, that door mats and my ground floor corridor carpet all got the same treatment. One obvious problem that I could see was that the patio was not sufficiently sloping to let the dirty water run swiftly to the drain, instead it gathered underneath the carpet.
“What a pity that I just threw out all of those pallets” I said, you could have put the carpets on top of them to hose the carpets down better”. Well one tries to find useful suggestions when one can.
The final stage was to drape all of the washed carpets over various railings.
A job well done, and one that would have normally taken her all afternoon just to clean two carpets!Next year I must sell tickets.


  1. hey you're falling down on the job of blog upkeep my man. i thought cleaning carpets with a power washer was quite a resourceful idea. its also funny that your google ads picked up on the cleaning bit and have an ad for a colon cleanse. hmmmmm.

  2. Perhaps it thinks that my blog is just a load of crap?


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