Monday, 2 April 2012

Au chomage lycra or not

Hello everyone
As of the 1st of April I am now unemployed. I have 3 hours left of a contract teaching English to student nurses then zip.
All is not doom and gloom however. Last Monday I went to the Inspection Academique for an interview to become an AVS. Assistant de la vie scolaire. Whereas my last job was for a maximum of 2 years, renewable in 6 month chunks (or possibly not), this post is for a maximum of 6 years, renewable (or not) in 12 month chunks.
So, notionally I have a job, but it may not start until at least the start of the next school year, in September. I am on their waiting list.
What does the job entail? Well you are paired up with one or two children who have a disability, and who need a bit, or a lot of help to fit in to a normal school class, and to help them keep up with the classwork as necessary. The post does not entail teaching, that is the class teacher's job.
So I wait for the call up. Because I have been working and paying my cotisations, I will be entitled to some unemployment money.
I was at the local Pole Emploi this morning to start claim process. I then had to return in the afternoon with my completed form, RIB, copy of my carte vitale etc.
I also had to sign on to claim benefit. The only way to do this is by telephone, or on the Internet. So  once back home I went online and filled in pretty much the same form that I had just filled in in hard copy. (If only I had done this first).
I was then given a choice of 3 interview times to meet with an adviser, to discuss my claim and my proposed project to get back to work.
Tomorrow I will try and sort out my health cover. I believe that I can remain with the very efficient MGEN for some months if I continue to pay them a fee monthly.
I started looking to buy a breath test kit for my car. This will be  a compulsory piece of kit for all cars, from the start of July. Leclerc had none, so I will have to try elsewhere.
Now some cycling news. The Tour de France will pass about 30 metres from my house, so I will find it very difficult to miss seeing it. I must by some lycra cycling gear and a flag to wave, I have the time to shop now that I am "resting".

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